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International Association of Athletics Federations

Official IAAF World Records (by event)


USA Track & Field

World Records

Indoor Track, Open

Men -- Indoor Track, Masters -- Women

Track & Field, Open

Track & Field, Juniors

Men -- Track & Field, Masters -- Women

Long Distance Running, Track

American Records

Indoor Track, Open

Indoor Track, Masters

Track & Field, Open

Track & Field, Junior

Track & Field, Youth

Track & Field, Masters

Long Distance Running, Track Open

Long Distance Running, Track Junior

Long Distance Running, Track - Masters

Long Distance Running, Road Open

Long Distance Running, Road Junior

Long Distance Running, Road - Masters


NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

Men -- Cross Country Championship Records (PDF) Women

Men Indoor Track Championship Records (PDF) Women

Men Track & Field Championship Records (PDF) Women


FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association)

Boys -- Cross Country Championship Records (PDF) -- Girls

Boys Track & Field Championship Records (PDF) -- Girls


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